Monday, April 25, 2016

My Practice

It's come to this. The world is mind, and being in the world is like a dream, its forces being memory, transformation, love, and karma.

Everyone is just a secondary character, most of whom exhibit great divisional peculiarities, the worst of which is selfishness,

a manipulative attempt to manifest their personal desires. It is, in essence, what black magic really is. I know this to be true because

each one is just a mirror of myself, and though I know the mathematics of division, when I interact with people in this play,

I feel those age-old forces tugging at me too. And so I stay in Pleasant Valley like a recluse Chinese poet drinking wine or playing with myself

like Ikkyu of Kyoto does, writing what becomes revealed while going further in this forest toward the sky. I try to leave most everyone alone

but love them like the living pieces of my great mosaic mirror when I allow myself to play within this dream of me and you.

The Diamond Sutra says a bodhisattva saves the world by knowing there's no world to save. So that intention is my latest practice on the way.

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