Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Experiencing: Being and Unknowness

Being is the river and only the river knows the source. When the dream jumps in, splash!

Leave belief behind and feel experiential. Thinking is the memory of light but feeling is still the light, although diminished.

In experience, the dandelions are exploding on the southern slope above the exponential sunlight in the wide expanse of river.

I am the experiential and the experiential is what I am. This is not a special knowledge. This is the only knowledge.

The world is an image in memory, mistaken to be, alive, but it's not my fault I caught this virus. Forgive yourself and see.

Knowledge must return and learn to be before being the unknown. Consciousness is like a baby.

In being, what appears to be appears to be an appearance. A beautiful plan is just a piece of paper to the fire of experience.

Life is a testament to being self-aware. Consciousness speaking to consciousness is like experience speaking to inexperience.

This is about the experiential and not the existential—that's not that. Love is the exception that always proves the rule.

One can only remember the door. One never remembers walking through it—so sudden!

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