Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Optical Geometry of Rivers and Sky

The math of walls
and windows
doesn't add up.

I walk outside
to be the open space
of vast awareness.

A river is always
running through this
pleasant valley view.

Houses populate the northern bank
but on the southern side is eagle
innocence and disbelief.

The blue canoe of sky is ferrying
this ground of blind belief to the other side
where no side is the ground of seeing.

Another way is walk across the current
in a different pair of shoes
marked with the swoosh of compassion.

The calculus of pine trees swaying in the wind is whispering
there's no solution for
the absolute unknown.

No matter what one thinks,
clouds can never separate
the sky.

Listen, all of this is just a polychromatic vision
which I speak while sitting
silently at home.

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