Monday, March 7, 2016

Ode to Self-awareness

O the wonder of this self-awareness!
the Unknown knowing it is that great Unknown,
like fourteen-billion years of what is named the known
disappearing into brilliant now.

O the happenstance of self-awareness!
in-between the absolute unknown
of a nominal unborn and an epithetic afterlife is
this being that unknown.
O the great illusion in this self-awareness!
in attempting to be known when nothing is sincerely known
befalling to the one disease affecting
psychological distress and suffering.
O this natural, innate, spontaneous, and fundamental self-awareness! unobstructed by the mists of thought and tempest of belief,
the splendid goddess knows herself
and such a knowing seems to be an evolutionary universe—

but is simply, purely, plainly, only Self-awareness.

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