Monday, March 14, 2016

Northerners Advancing toward Sedona

Driving out of Phoenix gaining elevation and suddenly the traffic slows as cars are parking on the far-left breakdown lane

and people gathering within the median and playing in the newly-fallen desert snow. It was like a moment from that song

'Snow in San Anselmo,' as if they hadn't seen it snow in more than their existent years. But we had and so continue on.

Miles later, we are exiting the interstate and heading for Sedona, our first long-anticipated southwestern destination.

And it isn't long before we see our first iconic sandstone monolith shaped to some whatever vision in the moment we are dreaming.

And it seems as if we never saw a setting such as that, red rock arising from the desert like solid smoke emerging from the kiln of earth.

And then, just like the visitation of an angel, it descends and tells us of our virgin birth and immortality. 

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