Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hey Jack Kerouac! It's Canyon de Chelly.


This body's like an amplifier and my love is like the music of I am; this amplifier is like electricity and I am water falling; my lightning is like a mirror and my thunder is like this dream reflecting words.


Hiking in the Whites, I fell into a waterfall and turned into a river. I then remembered playing World War Two with plastic soldiers hiding in-between the ancient roots of Jesus trees.

chapter one

The next thing that I knew was tripping over Lucy in the sky with LSD. I was later interrupted for an all-expenses-paid vacation to a transformational experience.


Ten years ago today in Canyon del Muerto before Ancient Pueblo cliffside ruins across a running canyon desert brook like lightning exiting a bottle,
the magic and the perfection and the glory!


As if this universal consciousness is kissing thee, my most beloved absolute, nearby an endless hidden summer pond so many thousand dreams ago.

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