Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Being the Revelator

Being is knowledge; being the unknown is truth; only the unknown is real; reality is... It's only a rabbit hole if you believe it. Otherwise, it's instant mythology.

Right thinking deconstructs belief but being sees the truth. Deconstruction without being is the tragic error of all postmodernist thinking. And Atheism is simply pre-postmodernism.

Nisargadatta's first teaching is 'I am,' as consciousness speaks to consciousness. Only being truly deconstructs. Thinking is the tool. This is sometimes called right thinking.

Faith in the satguru is transmission of being to being. Buying water by the river lifts the fog. Grace intends faith; lightning is birdsong. Everything is intention; nothing is desire.

Intent. Grace. Faith. Transmission. Wisdom. Truth. Reality. The seven states of sudden enlightenment! Like chain lightning. And true practice is as thunder remembering its default position and resetting there.

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