Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Walk Through Maudslay Park 160309

Hawks be with me…

Through the bent birch gate and into the wood. Young Blake carved his name on an old ash tree. As did Ra. Into the meadow walks the purple condor t-shirt.

The last slush of winter hiding in the swamp. New boots don't fail me now! Broken arrow, fallen trees. Summer Breeze On a Winter's Day. The last great hill before the Empire of the sea.

The new blue bridge is lurking in the distance. Teardrops of snow on the northern slope. Across the river, history is busy building new condominium construction.

The Abenaki still own this land because they never claimed its ownership. The Great White Pines of Eagle Territory. An old bridge wrapping around Flotsam Cove.

The real peak of this path are these bare rocks on the great open point of river…where the southwest wind is briskly shimmering in this glittering world.

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