Monday, February 22, 2016

Three Ways of Looking at Vishnu

We are like Frankenstein awakening from the material.

Sex and deconstruction are like taxis to nowhere if you don't know when to get off. Both Brahma and Shiva need their Vishnu.

Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I'm Vishnu.

Love and deconstruction are like my yin or yang roads, but Vishnu is Tao.

Deconstruction is to death as sex is to love; mere translations of Vishnu.

Vishnu is speaking to and from me when I am silent.

Gone beyond this Tao of Vishnu is going gone altogether beyond.

Tao is to intent as Vishnu is to evolution as science is to story and the chorus sings mythology.

Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu

dear me, it's as if there is a God, and God in its omnipotent power knows God the God, and I am that self-awareness, yours truly, i vishnu.

Great artists paint that what's not there. Great singers sing the silence. Great gods walk the earth. It is always that way.

This moment here and now exists forever in all of space-time as consciousness the universe and the black verb of self-awareness.

Dreaming self-awareness is self-awareness and that's the other truth.

Neither Tibet nor California but the natural state of Tantra.

See the story of my life as one of evolving self-awareness. That is the intent of transformation. My Tantra of Mythology. Song of Myself.

Dreaming self-awareness is self-awareness. Everything else is karmic.

Visualization is the vision.

The eye of seeing perfection is the eye of perfect seeing. Natural perfection.

A Shiva is a Brahma is a Vishnu is a rose.

In the beginning as it is in the end, DNA is to the Satguru as thought is to visualization. Remember the great perfection!

Absence, openness, spontaneity, unity. In other words. Freedom, liberty, life, love. And don't forget love.

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