Friday, February 19, 2016

The Four Enlightenments

So much depends upon a red tug icebreaker cruising through the silvery jigsaw ice in the great slow bend of river. The sun is my mirror. I shall not be me.

Science tells a good story. Not great but good enough for its subjects to believe. Social conditioning is deeper than you’ve been trained to think. The four enlightenments are the key to Catch-22.

1. Surrender. Follow your love. This is doing your best. Absolute intent.

2. Disbelieve. Don't take your self or other beings personally. Pay it no mind.

3. Stay awake. Don't make any new beliefs. Nor form a new religion. I am. Be.

4. Be aware. Be honest and compassionate with your word. Dream lucidly. Embodiment is I am That.

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