Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quanto's First Book of Deconstruction


DNA is OS. Conditioning is code. People are software. There is no hardware.


Lila is to clown as Maya is to person.


1. Without true deconstruction, meditation is just another personal activity.

2. True deconstruction is a happy sad business.

3. Re-map conditioning in a wise way.

3a. For example, re-mapping time: the golden age; making a living; the impossible dream.

4. The true deconstructor (further further) requires negative capability. Inquire inside.

5a. The ground of deconstruction is empty, open, spontaneous, and one.

5b. Or universal, dreamlike, mind-blowing, experiential.

5c. But neither nothing nor monolithic nor random nor unreal.

6. The fool speaks three times.

6a. First for revelation!

6b. Second to re-map.

6c. Third deconstructing any residual belief.

7. Thus contemplative revelation, mythic mapping, and true deconstruction is the dance of Quanto the Unknown.

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