Monday, December 14, 2015

Birthday Journal

Love in Space

Love is the true science.
Science is the false god.

Love is the power.
Intent is trajectory.
Awareness is that reflexive space.

Now I Am

Even pain and death happens because I am.
Birth happens because I am. Not vice versa.
Because I am, I can think I'm not.

When I paid attention and knew I am—
I stopped knowing.
Now I am—
and pay attention to forgetting.

Guidance Systems

Duality is the world—
nonduality isn't of the world—
the nondual guide doesn’t try to make a better world—
but help one see thru it while in it.

One’s conditioning is the door—
one’s loving creates the keyhole—
one’s key is unique and matchless—
this is why one practice does not fit all.

A guide, like a map,
details the overall terrain—
but one must blaze the trail
on and by one’s own.

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