Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mapping Genesis to Revelations with Commentary

In an unknown Vishnu
is the zero Shiva
and the infinite reflexive Shakti
     of a Kali ying
     and Annapurna yang
creating one resplendent Krishna
and his chorus of ten-thousand inspirational devoted Gods.

Then empire kills the bhakta—
science kills the jnana—
kalifornication kills all tantra—
soon monsanto kills the soma—
light is always killing light—
this is the deep black hole of pure awareness
or enlightenment.

Maya is like western medicine—her side effects are endless. The light of consciousness is filtered by the color of a thought and so we cry. Illusion and realization are the two faces of the holy spirit. Direct path is realizing all intelligence is artificial except I-am. Evolution is prologue to the twenty-first century. One way or another, A.I. sees through itself, whether fiction or science fiction. Scientific materialism is just a way of finding more gods to name than the original ten-thousand. To practice is human. To be, divine. Last words? Deconstruct the known—be the unknown. For we are the holy quaternity of Shiva, Shakti, Christ, Picasso.

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