Tuesday, June 16, 2015

following after poets

filling the birdfeeder 
with sunflower seed 
watching the splash 
little blackened shells 
big bang fireworks

a red-winged blackbird flies
across the empty road
a man is walking a dog
a dozen boats are floating
on the late sunday river

books of ryokan and saigyo
robert lax
on the coffee table
birdsong coming through
open windows

the light above
my shoulder lighting
purple ink on paper
reflecting in the picture

like a moon
in space between
the wall and green face
of an evening
summer wood

the translation
of revelation
into mind

the revelation
as felt
by body-mind

as evening deepens
reflection of the room
deepens in the window space
basho walking through
the woods

poetry is
the inspirational
reflection of the revelation
seen in words
and dancing

in the dark leaves
appear like clouds
shadowing deep images
although I know
they’re nothing

spoken silence
saying something

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