Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Fractal Wheels of Revelation

Some definition first is needed. Machines are non-volitional contrivances utilizing energy to undertake an action of Intent.

Ghost is that essential energetic spirit which remains upon the termination of an implement of that Intent.

Dreams are images in deepest vision playing out a way to see through my intended illusory objective known to know that pure subjective great unknown.

Fractals are phenomenal repeating patterns of self-similar arrangements in descending or ascending scale depending on one's point of view.

And now the poem begins.

Not a ghost in the machine,
but a machine in the ghost—
'we' are the holy spirit consciousness;
the machine is a dream within our self.

There is a fractal nature to reality—
as a nightmare is a dream in the mind,
the mind is a dream in consciousness,
and consciousness is a dream in absolute I.

A self-aware interpretation
of each fractal dream is just the way
I see through all the dream into my Self.

Seeing through the nightmare is psychological.
Seeing through the mind is mystical.
Seeing through consciousness is nondual 
pure awareness.

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