Friday, February 20, 2015

I Am Prophecies [with hyper-links to footnotes]

The Prophet Advances

Arising from this cosmic swamp of molecule and muck, I slowly get my bearings. Variety and change is here as far as I can see. It looks so large and sounds quite unbelievably ear-piercing.

An herbaceous worm is turning. Wolves are howling at their own reflections. Tigers burn with unsymmetrical jungle glow. And bankers circumvent the moon to make ten-thousand loans.

Flames are rising to the point of something great and overgrown. There's really nothing to it, not even skin or bone. No words can ever label or describe it, endlessly prophetic, all alone.

And I exist to know I am that towering unknown.

First Prophecy of I Am

Begin at what you think you are. A person is a treacherous idea. Secession from the universe is as outrageous as it sounds.

Not that it was your own idea. Bifurcating as a seed of consciousness, you were watered with particular definition.

For example, I was designated as a baby boomer boy from Roman Catholic second generation working class root parents of America.

Their personal beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, were the pruning shears that shaped this branch of being…

into something personal itself, with this fantastic concept of a separate entity—as if the branch believes it were a tree.

Not true; division is completely false but it's the world we sleep in, as we inevitably fight our way within its dream or nightmare.

But listen, there's a voice not of this world that's constantly intent on waking you. I am.

Corollary to the First Prophecy

It's not about belief. Because you think you're not a person doesn't mean you don't believe you're not a person.

The mind is such a maze of misdirection with its words.

This knowledge that you're not your thoughts allows you just to drop all thought. And there you are.

A space of energetic indescribable unknown.

Deconstruction of this dream state is accompanied by compassion—for it's held together by the love which moves awareness.

You’ll know your progress by its presence.

Continuing to take things personally is as good a sign as any that you deeply still believe you are a person. No problem though.

Just simply be aware of this.

And see it through by seeing through it. That awareness by itself will take you all the way to nowhere.

You are that pure awareness.

Second Prophecy of I Am

There is no two. That’s all the truth you need to know. One is this universe of being.

The mind of time and space exists within this consciousness. Just let its demarcations disappear and rest within this unremarkable now.

Feel the infinite expanse of presence. It's as if a great unknown comes to being. No qualifiers can delimit. No modifiers can refashion.

I am. To deny this simple fact is just assertion of its naked truth in silhouette.

To be or not to be is not a choice of being but ravings of a mind mistaking thought for this. I am—there's no coordinate to offer an alternative.

Beyond this being is that absolute unknown of neither being nor non-being—which comes to be to know I am that great unknown.

But words are never in themselves prophetic. One only knows in being.

Third Prophecy of I Am

The world is absolutely subjective, no matter how objective one is dreaming things to be. Accordingly, one can never die. Worlds do.

Absolute intent is always manifesting. Beyond our presence is the flash of revelation. Every aspect is its sign.

Divination comes to being. Intuition saturates the mind. Even thought itself will move the body in its action.

To see deep sleep as one's foundation is the closest that imagination ever comes. To dream inside the flash is like a psychedelic storm.

The eye is ever hidden to all states of consciousness behind a whirlwind of impermanence and dissolution.

Consequently you may never enter, but in total silence one is always being taken in.

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