Friday, February 13, 2015

Corollary to the First Prophecy

It's not about belief. Because you think you're not a person doesn't mean you don't believe you're not a person.

The mind is such a maze of misdirection with its words.

This knowledge that you're not your thoughts allows you just to drop all thought. And there you are.

A space of energetic indescribable unknown.

Deconstruction of this dream state is accompanied by compassion—for it's held together by the love which moves awareness.

You’ll know your progress by its presence.

Continuing to take things personally is as good a sign as any that you deeply still believe you are a person. No problem though.

Just simply be aware of this.

And see it through by seeing through it. That awareness by itself will take you all the way to nowhere.

You are that pure awareness.

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