Monday, February 9, 2015

Catch Ten Thousand

The world is like some critical disease convincing one the only cure is in the world. 

And so we get our jobs to get our health insurance to preserve ourselves from all the stresses and derangements of the job. There's no way out it would appear. 

It's the perfect catch; the world’s duality will always lead to twenty-two. And greater too. 

There's more than seven billion pieces one can analyze. There's more than seven billion separations needing mending. There's only one analysis achievable. The world is wholly broken. 

To fix, there's no practice needed, no pursuit is necessary, and no teacher is required but that affectionate intent one follows all the time already. 

Worldly cures are only ways to stay within that unwell world. One is attempting to escape when no escape is needed. 

The world is broken; one is not.

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