Monday, January 12, 2015

The Sermon on Love v. Love

Some say that love holds us in our time of incarnation 
resulting in continued ignorance of what we really are. 
And strife, and its resultant disaffection of its suffering, 
releases us from holding onto this divisional illusion.

Of course, there's some that say love is what we are 
as universal consciousness and its presence in our lives 
is just our way of telling us there is no ‘us’ of separate 
entities but just the one.

This apparent disagreement on the nature of love 
may just be one of definition, say romantic love, 
which sides with our desires, and unconditional love 
which has no sides but shines like a jewel of light—

universally pervasive and without a single facet 
in its diamond-like appearance, manifesting 
from the great potentiality of what one really is…

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