Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ode to a Scene in Gravity

in emptiness, one howls. 
one howls to find another version of your self within another. 
in emptiness, one listens for another howl. 
across the desert void, one howls 
and then another howls. 
howling is the sound of silence. 
howling is intent to hear the sound of silence. 
howling is the poem and 
howling is the eye. 
howling is coyote in the middle of its maya. 
howling is the mesa, 
howling is the beauty. 
howl i-am to howl i-am 
the self-same howl of universal one i-am. 
this universe is one vast howl intending self-awareness 
and within that howling revelation is 
an unconditioned lullaby of waking. 

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