Thursday, November 13, 2014


They told me one’s divided and 
they taught me all the names in this 
division. For example, tree: 
there’s the roots and trunk and branches, 
not to mention every leaf. 
It never stops! Example leaf: 
there’s cuticle and epidermis, 
mesophyll and chloroplast. 
The depth is almost infinite. 
In time you reach the quantum wave, 
where what you see is probable, 
determined by the one that sees. 
That’s universal consciousness, 
conditioned as its newest node 
within its network not to know 
all’s one, but one's separate in a world 
divided. Such a world is war, 
defending indefensible 
divisions. Even those professing 
peace and justice, equality 
for all, will fight the other for it. 
On the other hand, that one 
acclaiming one—its sound is love.

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