Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sam and Sara's Original Horror Show

When love mistook it was the mind, 
all kinds of hell broke out, you see. 
Well, love, it got real lost in all 
loose change and counterfeit three dollar bills 
and, well, I needn’t have to tell 
you it’s a god-damned sin, my friend, 
a love-forsaken bloody shame. 
It’s like some crosscut saw becomes 
an eye and all the sights turned out 
divided. I’m not talking long 
division but the slow and violent 
sort. It makes you sick to think 
of it. Like everything was either 
this or that and if you wasn’t 
on the side it occupied, 
well you was on the other side, 
and please believe me, that’s no scenic 
point of view to be. In fact, 
it’s all-out war. And not the worldly 
only, small potatoes too, 
just people being people, taking 
everything so personal. 
It’s quite the horror, don’t you think? 

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