Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And Every One a God

It appears to be a messy process—
to one identifying with the process. 
The Big Bang explodes like an awfully great notion. 
Stars collide like Bogart and Bacall. 
The earth erupts in a carnival of volcanic flames 
and breaks apart in workaday tectonic shifts. 
Hurricanes, tornadoes, waterspouts, oh my! 
And now, Neanderthals are clubbing like Neanderthals.

Everyone is acting like a god! 
But that’s the final measure of creation, 
last procedure in this grand holistic process. 
Evolution isn’t fundamentally pointless; 
fourteen billion years of cellular division 
arrives within this central nervous system 
suddenly now capable of self-awareness. 
So stop this moment to reflect within—

one is 
that great unknown 
making itself 
be known, 
for knowing is being 
which mind divides 
in order to know 
its self.

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