Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Prayer for the True Fourth God

Three blackbirds aren’t enough. 
Without a fourth, direction is completely incomplete. 
The west is ceaselessly lost in trinity. 
And one may never know oneself 
without those ice floes of true north. 

O sacred vase and holy sake cup,
O Kachinas standing on the surface of a book case,
O blue guitar, O cactus plant, O radio,
without you i would never know
that what i am is nothing with potentiality
for everything within my own intent
to know my own unknowable existence.

O Parent, Child, and Holy Realizational Intent,
please accept these great ten-thousand objects
as another God within your sacred pantheon,
and let us pray the process is complete
and now and everlastingly perpetual.

Where the mind’s objectification is a vital operation
and the world is just the function run away within itself.
For hell is only heaven and samsara is nirvana—
so chop God and carry my true self.

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