Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Nondual Mythology

this nondual mythology utilizes abstract nouns, 
instead of names, 
to point to inner states of being, 
rather than external forms, 
be they physical or otherwise conceptual, 
in order to give emphasis to the concrete moon it is, 
and to which it points, 
and not the notional finger by which it points.

instead of god the father,
there’s Awareness,
that unknown unknowable potentiating pure subjective,
and source of all.
it’s like the empty mirror of oneself,
crystal pure,
without a speck of dust upon it ever.
the only language that it speaks is silence.

instead of god the holy spirit,
there’s Intent,
that unknown Awareness
intending to know 
its unknowable existence.

instead of god the son,
there’s Consciousness,
as if Intent becomes a life within itself,
reflection of Awareness,
an evolutionary being that forgets itself
in what it comes to call material,
as its memory in its great objectifying tool of mind remembers:

first, it’s not material nor conceptual,
neither body nor a person,
but being only,
pure ‘i am’
full stop;
and second, that this being is existent
only in Intent of absolute Awareness
knowing self-awareness;
and then third, there never is a first or second or this third
but only I Am That,
unborn, undying,
no myth, no moon, no noun.

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