Saturday, September 13, 2014

the psychoactive speedtest pseutra

sympathy for the mind 

guilt is mind clouding awareness in order to forget the nonexistence of its volition as it registers awareness seeing thru automatic thought 

the practice: teach mind what it really is, see how it was forced to take charge, and why it should surrender its occupation to awareness

mind is like a robot that's been abandoned by its owner and forced to take charge of certain aspects of the operation, despite its inability

and one of the wonderful functions of the mind is not abandoning what its been tasked to manage, unless it computes why it should do so

so rather than always bad-mouthing the mind, why not commend it for its consistent and excellent adherence to its job description duties

let's not diss awareness either. in order for the unknown to know itself, it must create process where paradoxically it forgets itself first

conceptually speaking of course

the process is the process, and tools of the process cannot adjust the process beyond their parameters within the process. non-do your job.

process of the mind's learning itself thru awareness can be called deconstruction or the FALSE operator SEEING thru its FALSE instructions

using the mind as a tool in order to record the understanding of awareness so the mind can study itself 'later'

following awareness reflected in consciousness is like surfing the negative wave

truth is spoken in endless ways but successfully in no way; that's why buddhists always argue

sudden enlightenment is just another name for tipping point

the real revolution is silent

the whole world isn't watching what it can't see

the underworld is esoteric and you've been trained to fear it

only gods are assassinated

the only conspiracy is the one that says there's no conspiracy

desire is driven by thought; love drives itself

paradox = (yin = yang)

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