Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Undivided Pseutra

Where ‘this’ and ‘that’ cease to be opposites,
there lies the pivot of the Way
~Chaung Tzu (tr. Mair)

it’s not so much the world is an illusion
but how that illusion is relentlessly tricking one—

the illusion is division
but the trick convinces one
to put things back together
when of course they aren’t apart—

and by endlessly trying to put together
things which aren’t apart,
one loses focus on the truth:
one is that which is not apart—

the world appears to be
constantly tearing apart
but everyone is attempting to put it
back together in the best way they see fit—

the human illusion has
seven billion points of view—

you are this
and the other is that
but the other is this to itself
and you are that to it—

the mind divides;
this is the function of mind—

one takes a side;
this is identification with mind—

this is one lost in mind—

war is fought in the home,
on the streets,
at work,
and maybe more importantly,
within oneself,
every single second of the day—

one takes sides;
this is identifying with mind—

one sees one side as god;
this is fundamentalism—

one may completely raze any opposing side;
this is evil—

an ego is like an edifice
built from all the sides one takes—

psychology tries to right the sides;
truth reveals the sides aren’t really there—

so absolute truth is unknown
and all one knows of absolute truth is being—

in other words,
is there an unknown?
yes, i am that.

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