Sunday, August 17, 2014

The River, a Road, and I

Every day I walk the road along the river, 
I want to walk the road along the river every day. 
Twenty years I’ve lived along this spacious river, 
in a less than thousand dollar rental 
in the middle of half-million dollar properties 
amid this precious priceless panorama.
Walking on this road I see a luminous mile of river,
and a mile of river is like ten thousand miles of heaven.
Ten thousand miles of heaven is something
no one ever knows and I see it every day.
What hand inserted me within this jeweled setting?
Across the river is an eastern white pine wilderness,
and in my heart is similar wilderness. Spirit talks to spirit.
There’s not a useless word within that conversation.
Here’s a road and there’s the river, and I’m the source of both,
although I’m never either. Not two, we say. Not two.

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