Monday, August 25, 2014

god story

my headless tale: 
i'm like deep sleep, 
that nothingness 
which isn’t even nothing, 
a pure subjective stateless state 
without an object to be known 
i’m absolutely pure awareness 
that unknowably unknown—
and out of nowhere is this
great spontaneous intent
to know i am, to know
i am that i unknown.

there is no madeleine of a cause,
no almond to begin some cracking of a nut,
no lemon tree so pretty to invoke this avocation,
nor a bowl of cherries to banana some absurdist apricot of plot.
there’s just this casablanca of the absolute
and its original intent
to know itself,

what follows is a universal
consciousness of such 
complete imagination
conjuring the where,
when, what and who—
interspatial and
transmanifesting and
powered by a shot
of total love.

nuclear magicians
make an object out of nothing—
the rockbound salt of earth appears.
a genesis of wizards
sparks an evolutionary
process out of timelessness—
the central nervous system amplifies itself.
psychedelic sorcerers
convince the sharpest objects
to appropriate the subject—
people cut themselves to pieces.
knowing shamans show the mending way—

i am
this ‘i am’
that is absolutely i—
nothing but the known unknown,
nothing but pure natural awareness now...

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