Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Epistle to Myself

Dear Son,
before knowing what you really are,
you need to know just who you think you are.
I thought I was a person.
I had a headful of beliefs and one of them was me.
That me was re-formulated in the Sixties,
so a lot it was anti-war, pro-human rights,
and wondered when it all went wrong in my America.
I studied post-graduate American history
and found it never was exactly right.
In one important way, this was my spiritual beginning;
deconstruction needs to start at home.
In time I saw that war and all injustices are not
a matter of my being right
and someone else’s being wrong,
but essentially the fact I think there is a me and my
and someone else in opposition as another.
This personal assumption I’m a person is
the one original division from which all
division finds its origin.
Every little thing a person does
to get ahead, assert itself, insinuate its way
to some position of importance is
the primal swamp of war and all injustice.
So as long as I am thinking I’m a person,
there are hostilities and their infringements.
But being on the never hand,
love, Aum.

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