Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An Emotional Poem

Never fight a riptide;
heedfully observe it.
Then swim across and away,
returning to the ground.

Being isn’t rocket science.

Filtered by assorted lenses
of conditioned perpetuating
always transforming thought,
a spectrum of emotions
irradiates like a neon sign—
the heartbreak hotel.

Hence emotions are the light
of being, disturbed.
Accordingly emotions are existent
and undeniable.
Thus it’s just the thoughts
before emotions which are false.

In conceptual conceit,
it could be said
the absolute unknowable subjective
spontaneously intends
to know it is—
and this is that.

Don’t think about it.

This unfiltered energetic
raw existence is that knowing
and the only knowledge there is,
therapeutic, loving, wise or likewise.

This pure intensity 
'i am' is ground—

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