Monday, July 28, 2014

S4 — Breaking Up Is Hard Nondoing Too

It was early in the process of discovery
I knew the two of us would lose each other.
Paradox is not unknown in love.
At first our paths continued, one upon the other,
but soon we found ourselves in the yellow wood.
It didn’t happen overnight and all our efforts
to maintain separating ways together met
with personal effects like alcohol on my behalf
and a drier kind of melancholy in yours.
You finally had the nerve to call it quits
but even that was met with one more year of trying.
It’s over now; surrendering to that which is
can really be a bitch. But that’s the price.

You said that day you liked the middle class
and I was always making light of it.
That’s forever been the case with me.
It’s just my form of self-assessment.
Even though I’m living now without
the greater luxuries I once afforded,
I’m not exactly third-world poor—
thank my daughter and her Major.
This is the present empire after all.
So I know these fears about security,
but I’ve seen you lately follow them
and then convince yourself you hadn’t.
That’s the way of people though, divided.

The path I’ve taken teaches seeing this,
to recognize such separation for what it is,
to know the false as false. That leaves pure being,
not being this or that. And being tells one all that is—
and That which absolutely isn’t takes one back.

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