Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the pseutra suites 1 - being


don't dwell in the empty hole of personal deconstruction—rest in the energetic fullness of impersonal being

i am

there's one knowledge: i am. call it being, presence, consciousness, spirit, big bang, christ, krishna, or god the child; all appears in it

i-am is the music of what i am—the absolute, subjective, god the parent—made manifest and amplified by its generated instrument of body-mind

the error—original sin, maya, samsara—is in identification of i-am with the body-mind and its futile seizure of command from the absolute

the error is not identification with body-mind alone, which is practically unavoidable, but in its entification and assumption of volition

the false

seeing the false as false is not the false seeing itself as false—one seeing is being while the other is just despair

the false seeing itself as false fears itself—but seeing the false as false sees itself as fearless


nondoing indicates no separate doer and not no doing—doing is universal

universal doing when filtered by the false ‘individual’ is divided doing—samsara, maya, hell

a common misunderstanding of nondoing often leads to an ‘individual’ doing as it desires thinking there’s no responsibility for its doing

as long as one thinks it’s an individual, one thinks it’s the doer, no matter how much one may think otherwise


the constant need to always be just busy doing something other than this feeling it's excruciatingly impossible to be an individual—a me

boring—as to bore a hole within the concept of a person leaving an anxiety of nothing to hold onto in its place

or rest in the apperception of totality and know there never is a me


re-integrate universally and focus one-pointedly


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