Monday, March 10, 2014

six more imajins [from zuni to matsushima]

on the road to zuni,
i see a white buffalo—
it’s rising in the sea of tranquility
you are the moon
you are the moon
you are the moon

anasazi ruins fill
a cavernous canyon wall—
thru the desert floor flows
a lively current—
a raven soars on
with its silent unknown call

in the hollow of a maple tree
a screech owl sits silently—
it blends with the bark perfectly—
seven birders look thru scopes
just to see it be

down from south rim i stop—
the desert silence is absolute—
as if the sage had soaked
the world away—
and only i were left
to be that emptiness

a dock on a midnight lake—
this scintillating stillness—
the moon beholds
the eye of the universe—
and we two vanish
into quicksilver depths

invoking matsushima bay—
an opalescent peacock is slipping by
a phosphorescent dragon—
two forms passing in the emptiness—
ah beauty! ah truth!

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