Friday, January 31, 2014

sunderance philharmonic pseutra

the wise one points back to the earth while the idiot howls at the moon

any holistic directions for personal benefit maintains the person which is inherently divided—

true spiritual instruction arrives from being and is directed to being without any personal benefit whatsoever—

unconditional love is the fool that doesn't know how to divide—

we create each character in this dream and when one fails to act its part, we hold it responsible for not playing the role we created for it—

it’s remarkable how one may understand the non-volitional role each has in this dream, yet still rant against another’s actions—

when the false is deeply fathomed as false, all action initiated from the false is drained of its font of energy—

as if one could divide the undivided into sides and take one—

the mind is a dividing machine incapable of conceiving the nondual—

turn the mind machine off and rest in the pure electricity of being—

only pure being is informed in the buzz of truth by the potentiality of its source—

a great paradox—the false doer often takes the shape of not-doing—denying the spontaneous moving of the heart by logical control of the mind—

a great confusion—emotions are often confused as heart—but emotions are the filtering of heart by thought—so colored light does have energy—

a great practice—if one wishes to see the trickiest false as false, feel and see emotions—this is where the fact of being meets the lie of the person—

a great resolution—shift the intent of the mind’s control from the heart to the mind—see the false as false—the heart, unfiltered, is moving—

it’s not so much the relative is an illusion, but that it’s an impossible position, the holistic seen divided, and thus inevitably violent—

to take one’s stand in the relative is an act of war—not that there's anything wrong with that, but be absolutely clear about the stance—

i am that—standing as awareness—in the world but not of the world

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