Thursday, August 15, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 10 [perform its function]

—the water boils and the bubbles rise, breaking into the light. but while they rise, oh the stories they have to tell——the dream world usurps the real and calls itself the real world, but the real is never overthrown; silly world——consciousness is teacher in form: guru, tutor, child, or book; in sacrifice of thought, student is consciousness to which it speaks——the language of science is a good language for deconstructing the person, but it's useless otherwise; speak love——not that human life is of any greater value but the aspect of that one life which is human is responsible for its function: self-realization——that responsibility is met by the person by dropping that so-called person and resting in one life pure being, which will perform its function——drop ego for guru, drop body for being, drop mind for realization—

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