Friday, August 30, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 4:7 {Secret Knowledge}

The Secret Knowledge welcomes by speaking accordingly; uttered to you is The Secret Knowledge of the Absolute; just You, The Secret Knowledge, is speaking therefore.

upanishadam bho bruhity ukta ta upanishad brahmim vava ta upanishadam abrumiti

Note: Sometimes it is fortunate to be ignorant, and I am extremely ignorant when it comes to Sanskrit. The Vedantic translators wish to make this sloka out to be a communication between a teacher and a disciple, and so they split the sloka into different speakers. Even Aurobindo translates as such: “Thou hast said "Speak to me Upanishad"; spoken to thee is Upanishad. Of the Eternal verily is the Upanishad that we have spoken.” Prabhavananda / Manchester are more the playwrights: “A Disciple: Sir, teach me more of the knowledge of Brahman. The Master: I have told you the secret knowledge.” But, again, I do not feel this split, originating from Shankara or before. Rather, I intuit as such: the wisdom is speaking, the wisdom is the speech, and you are the wisdom speaking. There is no splitting Upanishad.

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