Thursday, August 15, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:7-10 [take just that]

Then, they, to air, spoke: weaver of this, discover what this great spirit is. Thus it was so.

That was approached by it, but it was asked: who is this? Air indeed, I am this, it said: mother of all, indeed, I am this.

In you who are such, what power is there? Surely this, everything, I can overtake, all that’s on the earth, indeed!

In front of it, a piece of straw was placed. This was asked to take just that. That, it approached, and with all its power, that it was unable to take. Overcome, from that, it returned. Not this, it was unable to know what this great spirit is therefore.

atha vayum abruvan vayav etad vijanihi kim etad yaksham iti tatheti.

tad abhyadravat tam abhyavadat ko 'siti vayur va aham asmity abravin matarishva va aham asmiti.

tasmims tvayi kim viryam ity apidam sarvam adadiya yad idam prithivyam iti.

tasmai trinam nidadhav etad adatsveti tad upa preyaya sarva-javena tan na shashakadatum sa tata eva nivavrite naitad ashakam vijnatum yad etad yaksham iti.

Notes: for the most part, this is word for word as slokas 3-6, but for the substitution of air rather than fire. I have chose ‘overtake’ in sloka 9, very much liking its connotations of speed and dominance, while contrasting the simple (and impossible) request to ‘take’ in sloka 10.

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