Thursday, August 8, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:5-6 [burn just that]

In you who are such, what power is there? Surely this, everything, I can burn, all that’s on the earth, indeed!

In front of it, a piece of straw was placed. This was asked to burn just that. That, it approached, and with all its power, that it was unable to burn. Overcome, from that, it returned. Not this, it was unable to know what this great spirit is therefore.

tasmims tvayi kim viryam ity apidam+ sarvam daheyam yad idam prithivyam iti

tasmai trinam nidadhav etad daheti tad upa preyaya sarva-javena tan na shashaka dagdhum sa tata eva nivavrite naitad ashakam vijnatum yad etad yaksham iti

Notes: a conversation begins between that and this (fire). In the sixth sloka, the word ‘that’ and ‘this’ are carefully chosen.

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