Sunday, August 4, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:3 [to discover]

They, to fire, spoke: all-knowing of this, discover what this great spirit is. Thus it was so.

te 'gnim abruvan jata-veda etad vijanihi kim etad yaksham iti tatheti

Note: I’ve attempted to leave out all the unsaid ‘saids’ or quotes and make as literal as possible. Compare to Sri Aurobindo’s (who appears to be the most literal among the orthodox): “They said to Agni, "O thou that knowest all things born, learn of this thing, what may be this mighty Daemon," and he said, "So be it." But I find no indication of fire saying anything here. As the gods request, thus it is so. But I am unsure whether fire should be capitalized. No for now.

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