Tuesday, August 20, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:11-12 [graced in a light]

Then, they, to sky, spoke: highest one, discover what this great spirit is. Thus it was so. That was approached by it and thus that disappeared.

It, in that same sky, came upon a woman graced in a light from the highest peaks. To her alone, it said, what is this great spirit therefore?

athendram abruvan maghavann etad vijanihi kim etad yaksham iti. tatheti tad abhyadravat tasmat tirodadadhe.

sa tasminn eva aakaashe striyam aajagaama bahu shobhamaanaam umaam haimavatiim tam ha uvaacha kim etad yaksham iti. 

Note: I've tried to stay away from using the names of gods, and rather stay with the natural component: fire for Agni, air for Vayu, and here, sky for Indra; and for Uma, light.

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