Friday, August 2, 2013

Kena Upanishad 3:1 Glorious Manifestation

The Absolute, once, in its divinity, becomes triumphant, and in that Absolute triumph, the gods are made glorious. They perceive as their own, this triumph, as their own, this glory.

brahma ha devebhyo vijigye tasya ha brahmano vijaye deva amahiyanta.
ta aikshantasmakam evayam vijayo 'smakam evayam mahimeti.

Notes: My intent here was to exhibit the Absolute becoming triumphant in the glory of its manifestation, and the gods perceiving this glory as themselves, as I feel the language is actually reflecting. It differs in form from the orthodox reading that Brahman wins a victory for the gods who in turn see it as their own, but differs not in spirit.

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