Friday, July 19, 2013

the new sutras 6 - vegas of the universe

the only genius is the genius of love—
the whiches and warlocks melt upon unknowing—
swim in the waters of what you are—
in the heart of the sea of light—
memories not included…

the power of sense perspective is the glitz of yourself—
the rarefied senses combine into a single sense of legitimacy—
a rock of thought revealed to be some mere mirage
upon this contact with attention—appearances
in consciousness, the vegas of the universe…

either surrendering to the inevitable absolute
or resting in the emptiness of this unknowing—
trajectories of an eagle and its prey amen—
costumed chimeras wearing red hats and
hello kitty in the mirror cool…

beneath the story there's the power and
the glory of the indescribable blank page—
once you've seen you're the sky,
you know you're always clearly there,
no matter what the weather writes…

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