Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the new sutras 5 - witnessing waves as waves

the goats are crying for their forgotten river—
big fish go searching for their hook—
just the thought of an ocean is enough
to turn this stream around—
witnessing waves as waves, the sea is calm…

the ordinary is paranormal—
the world is parasitical—
truth has no parameters—
love flies without a parachute—
life throws a paradise the mind calls snake eyes…

humor is a great way to negate the false—
but as humor negates itself, there you go—
dying is easy—
comedy is hard—
realization is effortless…

listen to the Kena—
not that I do not know,
I know and I do not know as well—
anyone among us who knows that
knows That…

not an object, it can't be taught—
not known, it can't be rejected—
not unknown, it can't be acquired—
the only way left:
you're it…

words are magic—
translations are tricks—
every word spoken translated in its hearing—
would you take me by the hand…

that which moves this heart
upon its ouija board of dreams—
sometimes nothing is
the best thing to say,
and second best is this…

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