Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the new sutras 3 - slaloming on the river shiva

in the conditioning of an intricate olla,
the clay awakens—
this holographic energy radiating
in its space of consciousness,
the desert opens…

the absolute pervades all form and space;
so what belongs to who? let go and enjoy—
you can fight your conditioning for one hundred years
or you can surrender to the unconditional now—
reading the upanishads for the fun of it…

in the city of fear by the slayers of atman—
one brain sacred is another brain naked—
slaloming on the river shiva
over the wake of shakti—
lady maya in the observatory with a rope…

these raisins are unreal—
see that no one ever consented
to consensual reality—
just drop the unreliable interpreter—
always the silver screen and never the stars—

to simply watch the breath,
without any attempt at control,
seeing that which is breathing,
is a passageway to samadhi,
an i am that ahayah…

keep this one thing in mind:
i am the unspeakably real—
never the aum, always the dada—
keep your seeing on that which sees—
and they lived happily ever unborn…

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