Friday, July 26, 2013

Kena Upanishad 2:5 Being of Being

Here, if known, then truth there is.
If not here known, great is the loss.
Being of being discerning, the wise,
departing from this world, eternally becoming.

iha ched avedid atha satyam asti
na ched ihaavedin mahati vinashtih
bhuteshu bhuteshu vichintya dhiiraah
pretyaasmal lokaad amritaa bhavanti

Notes: The tough translation here is ‘bhuteshu bhuteshu.’ Shankara via Gambhirananda says: “in all beings, moving and unmoving.” I suppose it could be some kind of saying. It’s difficult to know as a pure amateur. But other translators say: the Self in all beings, or something accordingly. Again, maybe it’s a saying, but it would seem that Atman would be used here if it was meant to be used here. So I’ve latched onto this and say: being of being as a compromise. And the rest is a play between here and there, departing and becoming.

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