Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kena Upanishad 2:2 and the Invisible Teacher

Not thinking I fully know
Nor not know, it’s thus known.
Anyone among us that knows, that knows.
Not unknown, it’s thus known.

naham manye su-vedeti
no na vedeti veda ca
yo nas tad veda tad veda
no na vedeti veda ca

Note: Although the words 'student' and 'teacher' do not appear in this text of the Kena, it was translated as such by Shankara, who had his own scholastic motivation for doing so. In turn, the following translators keep to Shankara's additive translation and interpretation: Easwaran, Paramananda, Nikhilananda, and even Yeats (Purohit). Aurobindo and Manchester (Prabhavananda) do not. Just saying.

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